***DEBUT ALBUM "Auditory Anomalies" AVAILABLE NOW***

Email: stuff@eclecticbanana.com


Eclectic Banana: Auditory Anomalies

Since the Eclectic Banana is a studio project it only makes sense that we have been busy working on our debut album, Auditory Anomalies! Enjoy. Email us at stuff@eclecticbanana.com to get your USB Banana copy of Auditory Anomalies.

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Home Town Heroes OEG 2min - The Eclectic Banana Project
 Original Music
Home Town Heroes OEG Goal 30sec - The Eclectic Banana Project
 Original Music
Rock My World - The Eclectic Banana Project
The latest tune from the Eclectic Tune Factory. Pete Howard: Vocals, Gerry Malcom & Blaire Comrie: Guitars, Brian Barton: Bass Guitar.Original Music
Window On the World - The Eclectic Banana Project
Eclectic Banana Original Song. We clocked Gerry at 600 notes per minute on this one. Pete Howard on Vocals, Brian Barton on Bass, Mandy Reider and Colin Shaw doing the backup vocals. Oh and Blaire did some stuff, keep forgetting about him.Original Music
Best Friend - The Eclectic Banana Project
Eclectic Banana Original Song, Best Friend Version 2.0, Pete Howard on Vocals.Original Music
Get Your Dance On - The Eclectic Banana Project
Original song by The Eclectic Banana Project featuring Deanna Blaquiere from Edmonton band Chronic Rock.Original Music
Kick Ass All Star Band - The Eclectic Banana Project
Eclectic Banana Original Song, Pete Howard on Vocals. A tribute to the musical brothers and sisters we have lost over the years.Original Music
Battle Scar - Max Webster/Rush 
A collaboration between Max Webster and Rush, from the 1980 album Universal Juveniles. Recorded live at Phase One Studios in Toronto, Canada. The song was written by Kim Mitchell of Max Webster and Pye Dubois.Classic Rock
I Love You - Climax Blues Band 
Recorded in 1980. It was the second-biggest hit for Climax Blues Band. It was also covered by the band Tesla for their 2011 acoustic album Twisted Wires & the Acoustic Sessions.Pop/Rock
War Pigs - Black Sabbath 
The opening track from the 1970 album Paranoid. The original title of "War Pigs" was "Walpurgis", dealing with the witches' Sabbath. The record company thought 'Walpurgis' sounded too Satanic, so the song was renamed, "War Pigs". Classic Rock
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